Ethical Architecture Award

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

The outstanding designers in the competition will be invited to receive the award and present their work in the context of the Ethical Architecture Award ceremony.

The Ethical Architecture Award Ceremony is the event imagined by YAC and Dynamo to represent a moment of sharing of international prominence in the field of architecture for ethical purposes, which will also be attended by the competition‘s illustrious jurors, as well as illustrious exponents of the non-profit world and architecture.

The Location

The award ceremony will be held at Dynamo Camp, the great social project promoted by the industrial group KME, which is part of the largest group of social enterprises in Italy. Dynamo Camp is the ideal location to reflect on humanitarian architecture since it is the place where therapeutical needs are combined with complex and articulate social purposes that can be met also through architectural disciplines. In one of the symbolic places of accessible and therapeutical architecture (Dynamo Camp aims at providing holiday experiences for children with serious illnesses or severe disabilities) architects will gather from all over the world to debate about the social dimension of architecture.


Dynamo Oasis is often visited by the most renowned personalities of the art and business world. Here, an exhibition displaying the worthiest projects will take place. It will last for a year and will give a great opportunity to promote the work of the candidate architects.


The best projects will be published in a publication that will be a real compendium to describe and disseminate the most relevant achievements in ethical and humanitarian-oriented architecture. The publication will also comprise a foreword by the competition jurors and will be given to the numerous Dynamo’s partners including some of the major enterprises in the world.

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