Ethical Architecture Award

Ethical Architecture Award is the project geared toward supporting and rewarding an ethical approach to architecture and design

Ethical Architecture Award

In a world where the gap in the distribution of resources is dramatically widening, where social issues multiply on a daily basis, there is an urgent need to promote a culture for human beings, their rights and dignity.

Architecture is one of the main disciplines that can favor wellbeing and social equity by giving identity to places and providing human beings with services and beauty.

Therefore, to reaffirm the culture of an ethical and social architecture- namely an architecture for the human being- “Ethical Architecture Award” was established.

Ethical Architecture Award is Dynamo’s and Yac’s project aiming at supporting and awarding an ethical approach to architecture and design in order to honor young people and professionals whose work favors the human and social dimension of architecture. 


First Prize – Built


Ahmed Saafan

First Prize – Imagined


Alberto Roncelli, Nicole Vettore


Each jury is nominated with utmost care and is composed by professionals of the highest repute whose activity is consistent with the theme of the competition.

Ethical Architecture Award

Award Ceremony

Architects that have distinguished themselves in the competition will be invited to receive an award and present their work during the “Ethical Architecture Award” award ceremony. Yac and Dynamo thought of this event as a major international moment to share architectural contents with ethical purposes. The renowned jurors of the competition will take part in this event too together with personalities of the non-profit and architectural field.

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